Playing Selfie Starts With Choosing the Right Selfie Stick

2019-09-23 YMP Industry Limited

Self-portraits have now become a part of many people's lives. Two when you are happy, two when you are sad, two when you go out, and two when you eat. Two tickets when you have nothing to do.

How do you take more advanced selfies? We have to start by choosing a selfie stick. Different selfie sticks have different characteristics, and the photos taken are also different.

First, let's look at a handheld wireless Bluetooth selftimer.

YMP recently developed a super mini wireless Bluetooth self-timer lever. Although this self-timer lever does not have a tripod, it is very compact in size and only 15cm in size after being closed, making it very convenient to carry.

This self-timer lever has a detachable Bluetooth remote control, and when the shutter is pressed, fuzzy photos will not be taken due to shaking hands.

Then let's take a look at another YMP Bluetooth selftimer with a single-axis stabilizer and tripod that can rotate 360 degrees.

The feature of this selfie stick is that it has a stabilizer that allows us to take perfect photos when shaking or moving at high speed. Its tripod can help us take more self-photos in different postures.

Moreover, this self-timer can rotate 360 degrees, no matter what kind of angle photos can be taken.

Finally, YMP is a self-timer lever with LED light supplement lamp. This self-timer lever can help us supplement light in dark places, so that we can take better photos.

Moreover, the appearance of this selfie stick is very beautiful and looks like a small and unique perfume. And it can also be used as a flashlight, very good.

These selfie sticks have their own characteristics. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

We specialize in customizing selfie sticks with various functions. You can tell us your requirements and ideas. As long as we can meet your requirements within the technical scope.

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