Why Do So Many People Like to Take Selfies

2019-09-20 YMP Industry Limited

There is a word that has remained hot in recent years. That is the selfie.

Criticism of selfie has been incessant, especially since the selfie stick appeared. Although it has aroused many people's enthusiasm for selfie, it has also attracted various voices of doubt and criticism.

From the news, we can see that the use of selfie sticks has been banned in many places over the years. We will not discuss right and wrong on this point. After all, our positions are different.

Today, we mainly try to analyze why so many people like to take selfies.

First, I think it is for self-affirmation. We all want to be better ourselves, better and more beautiful. These people are mainly those who will add beauty, filters and pictures to their photos.  The photos taken in this way are really more beautiful than I am.

The second is to gain identity.

Many people like to send their selfies to the internet for more people to enjoy. In the process, they will receive a lot of comments and praise. These comments and praise are undoubtedly a confirmation of them. In this process, they are undoubtedly very satisfied and happy.

Basically, everyone likes to be recognized and approved by others, because everyone has a positive need. And obtaining affirmation will undoubtedly make people more confident and cheerful.

Uploading selfies to the Internet is undoubtedly a shortcut to get a positive result. The operation is simple, but the harvest is huge.

Most of the recognition we have gained before comes from the social circle in real life. However, there is no doubt that there are more people and more power in the network circle.

Every praise, every comment, every compliment, every concern will bring us great happiness and satisfaction.

These gains are all brought to us by selfies. Even if one's appearance is loved and affirmed by others, it will bring great satisfaction.

Therefore, if you have someone who likes to take selfies, you can treat her more kindly and give her more affirmation and praise. Many people have always equated the likes of selfies with narcissism. This view is undoubtedly very wrong.  Maybe she just needs more recognition and affirmation.

What do you think about taking selfies? If you have any ideas you want to tell, you can leave me a comment on our official website. I look forward to your participation.

Source of this article:https://www.selfiestick.cc/

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