Can I Only Take Selfies With My Selfie Stick-It's Not

2019-09-18 YMP Industry Limited

Many people mentioned that the purpose of the selfie stick may be one, that is to take selfies.  We always have a fixed thinking, that is, most things have only one use.

However, it is not. Your selfie stick can be used for other purposes, but you have not found it.

Most of us take out our selfie sticks and use them when taking pictures, and most of the time we leave them in a corner.

In fact, your selfie stick has many other uses. Even the most common selfie stick can be used as a mobile phone holder besides taking selfies.

When you bought all kinds of mobile phone brackets again, you never thought that you already had a mobile phone bracket, that is your selfie stick.

In addition to the mobile phone holder, you can also discover other new uses of the selfie stick.

For example, our tripod selftimer. Many people like video chatting with friends, but the mobile phone bracket cannot adjust the height, so in order to get a better shooting angle, we can only pick up the mobile phone with our hands, which is not only sour but also inconvenient over time.

But you can use the selfie stick, we can open the tripod of the selfie stick, let it stand on a plane, then fix the mobile phone on the selfie stick, and then adjust the most suitable height, so that we can video with friends and family.

At this time, your hands are completely free. If you have something urgent to deal with, you can deal with things and video with friends. Of course, if you think this is not very good, it is also a very good choice to hold a pack of snacks while eating and chatting.

If your selfie pole is of good quality and strong enough, it can also be used as a clothes pole when the clothes pole cannot be found. There are also some self-timer rods with light-supplementing lamps, which can be used as flashlights in dark environments.

Even some girls use selfie sticks as self-defense tools, which is also possible.

Therefore, there are really many uses for selfie sticks. As long as you have the courage to use your brain, you can always create some novel playing methods.

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