What Is Good About the Customizable YMP Tripod Selfie Stick

2019-09-21 YMP Industry Limited

The selfie stick has been continuously developing since its appearance. Although a series of products such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have emerged to replace it, the selfie stick is still the choice of mainstream selfie makers.

Now the function of the selfie stick is much more than when it was first started. First, the wired selfie stick is changed into the Bluetooth selfie stick now, and then various tripods and stabilizers are added.

This can help us to take better photos and videos.

Today, let's meet a wireless Bluetooth selftimer with a tripod and a stabilizer.

This YMP tripod Bluetooth selftimer developed by YMP Industry Limited.,  has a stabilizer that can rotate 360 degrees. This stabilizer has the function of anti-earthquake and anti-shaking, and can take stable and good quality photos even under the condition of rapid movement.

In addition, it also has a tripod that can assist in shooting. This tripod not only helps to take photos, but also can be used as a mobile phone bracket to help us make video calls with friends, watch movies, watch TV plays and so on.

This tripod Bluetooth camera uses a detachable Bluetooth remote control. The longest shooting distance can reach 10 meters. Bluetooth is also the latest version of 5.0. Compatible with any mobile phone and digital products.

In addition to these basic functions, you can also make other changes in appearance, color, accessories and packaging, so that your customized selfie stick is different from other products of the same type. Get a bigger selling point.

We can customize the function and color as well as the appearance, packaging these many. You can choose the combination that you think has selling points. You can also come up with some good ideas, as long as we can make it a reality within the scope of technology.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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