Customize Your Exclusive Selfie Stick to Show Your Personality

2019-09-19 YMP Industry Limited

Diversification is our eternal pursuit. In today's society, each of us is a unique individual.  Rejecting mediocrity is our slogan, and standing out from thousands of people is our direction of struggle.

In order to meet the needs of the public, YMP has launched a cartoon customized selfie stick.  This selfie stick combines cartoon characters and selfie sticks to create cute selfie sticks that are simple and honest, soft and adorable.

In addition to cartoon characters, you can also customize various patterns, such as various lovely anthropomorphic animals and some very beautiful scenes and pictures that are memorable to you.

Apart from personality, its colors are varied. Ordinary selfie sticks are usually black and white.  Occasionally there are some pink, green, blue and so on, but YMP this pocket cartoon selfie stick can mix some unique colors according to your requirements. These unique colors can also make your selfie stick stand out and become various focuses.

Besides colors and patterns, its functions are also very powerful. This selfie stick has a single-axis stabilizer, which has anti-seismic and anti-shake effects and can help you to take better photos. Moreover, its detachable Bluetooth remote controller and tripod can allow you to take photos live and remotely.

Can you be satisfied with such a unique, versatile and novel color selfie stick?

In addition to the above advantages, this cartoon pocket selfie stick is very small in size, and you can carry it in your pocket. It is convenient to store and can be taken out as a mobile phone bracket when not taking selfies. You can also use a tripod to adjust the height, whether watching TV or chatting with friends via video is a very good choice!

If you are not satisfied with the above, you can choose to customize other functions and styles.  You can directly hand over the design scheme to us or directly put forward your requirements to us, and we will try our best to meet all your requirements.

If you think it is not bad, please contact us directly. Of course, you can also get to know us first on our official website.

Looking forward to your choice! 

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