YMP Selfie Stick Records the Indispensable Moments in Your Life

2019-09-26 YMP Industry Limited

When it comes to selfies, many people are linked to narcissism and lack of connotation.  However, this is not the case. We like to take selfies, perhaps just to keep those wonderful moments in our lives.

Just like some people will record unforgettable things into words, some people will convert them into words to tell others, and some people may choose to draw to keep them. But more and more people will choose a simpler way, that is to take photos.

Turn it into a photo and save it permanently. Photographs do not require much skill, talent or inspiration. As long as you raise your hand and press the button, you can take a picture.

When we take photos with our mobile phones, there is always one person who cannot appear in the camera. However, when taking selfies, one can only see one's own big head.

This time you need a selfie stick!

For example, YMP's tripod self-timer lever, at family gatherings, you only need to open the tripod of the self-timer lever, and then select a suitable position for your self-timer lever to stand on the ground or on the desktop. Then fix the mobile phone, choose the right angle, take your Bluetooth remote control and remotely control the shutter to take a picture of the family.

If your mobile phone is very good at taking pictures, then you can take a picture comparable to a professional camera.

Is this quite memorable?

If you like to travel far, you can choose to take YMP's wireless charging selfie stick. This selfie stick has a wireless charging treasure inside, so you can not only use it to charge your mobile phone during the trip, which is equivalent to carrying a mobile power supply, but also use it as a car bracket or a mobile phone bracket. When you need to take a selfie, it can also open a tripod to take a selfie or broadcast live. It really realizes multiple functions in one machine.

These are the two YMP selfie sticks. Different selfie sticks have different functions and can meet different needs. But one thing is the same, that is, we can use them to record those wonderful moments in our life.

If you also think it is very good, then take it away!

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