YMP selfie stick manufacturer

Quality Control & Inspection Capability

YMP Industry Limited has its own strong technology and first-class enterprise team in the field of redundancy technique, product development and sales. We complete the production in the factory from designs, precision processing, surface processing, quality management and products assembling by ourselves. We have sales network throughout China. We are a newly set-up technology enterprise which develops and produces good quality selfie sticks. We sincerely hope to get your attentions and supports.

Quality Control

Our company is ISO 9001-(2015) certified. We designed our system to minimize the possibility of errors in the manufacturing process by:

• Series of safeguards

• Employee involvement

• Sophisticated measuring equipment

• Written procedures for every process from receiving customer orders through the packaging & shipping of our products.

Inspection Capability

Our inspection department is fully equipped with the latest equipment for measuring our products in process and when completed. These include:

• Caliper---tolerance:xx+/-0.02mm

• Micro-caliper ---xx+/-0.01mm

• Thread micro-meter----+/-0.01mm

• Caliper gauge--+/-0.01mm

• Pin gauge---+/-0.01mm

• Height gauge--+/-0.01mm

• CMM---+/-0.001mm

• Quadratic element ---+/-0.01mm